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Here's 9 medicinal plants that you can grow indoors

If you're considering becoming a plant parent, why not choose something with healing properties?

According to plant-biology specialists, here's a list of nine medicinal plants that you can grow indoors.

 1. Aloe vera: can be used for burns and skin irritations. It also can be taken to help with digestion.

2. Jiaogulan (pronounced Je-ow-gu-laan): The leaves are used to make tea. It contains benefits similar to ginseng for brain function

3. Lavender: It has relaxing and stress-reducing properties. It can be used in tea, baking, and for aromatherapy.

4. Mint: Using it in tea can help with digestion. It can also help with sore throats, fevers, and healing wounds.

5. Lemon balm: It has relaxing properties that can also aid in digestion and help you sleep. It can be used in tea, syrups, and salads, and its leaves can be sprinkled on top of dishes.

6. Moringa: Its leaves are rich in vitamins and minerals, and help with inflammation.

7. Oregano: It supports digestion. The leaves are perfect to add flavor to your cooking.

8. Rosemary: It helps relieve gas and bloating.

9. Thyme: It has cold-relieving and digestive properties. It can be used in tea, or sprinkled onto dishes, soups, and salads.



Herb Aloe Plants

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