Target Employees Have 2 Things They Wish They Could Tell You

Business Insider recently corresponded with 18 employees of Target to ask about their experiences with the retail giant.

 Ever wonder what they would like to tell their shoppers? 

Some Target employees discussed rude and impatient behavior on the part on shoppers. Others said they wished that customers would stop leaving trash and unwanted products all over the stores. Two of the people that BI spoke with said they don't appreciate it when customers become angry because the store doesn't have a certain item in stock.

 Three other Target team members described creepy interactions with customers. "Don't confuse good customer service with flirting," said a Target employee with eight months of experience.

 Ok... So Target employees have given you their grievances. 

What are your grievances with Target employees? 

Kari Steele

Kari Steele

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