Interesting Facts About The Life of Prince

1. Michael Jackson Wanted "Bad" To Be A Duet With Prince

Once Prince heard the lyrics of "Bad," he was seriously not a fan of the opening line of the song, “Your butt is mine.” His response to the Thriller singer was, “Who’s singing that to whom? Because you sure ain’t singing that to me — and I sure ain’t singing that to you.”

2.  His Wife Was Not Allowed to Call Him First

For his entire relationship with Mayte Garcia, she was not allowed to call him, only he could call her.

3. He Docked Wages if His Backup Dancers Weren't in Shape 

One day, Prince saw some whipped cream and cookies at Garcia’s makeup station. They weren’t hers, but concerned about her dancer’s figure, he docked her wages. She says she was “crushed”.

4. The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Named His Symbol

His symbol actually had a name "Love Symbol #2" that was copyrighted in 1997, but when his contract ended with Warner Bros he reclaimed his given name, Prince. 

5. A Vice-Presidents Wife forced Record Labels to Create Rating Systems 

The explicit lyrics of "Darling Nikki," led to the creation of record labels implementing a ratings system on their albums. Prince really upset the ex-wife, Tipper Gore, of former vice-president Al Gore, when she bought the  Purple Rain soundtrack. Due to there not being any explicit warning stating his lyrics would be sexually explicit, Tipper Gore went on to form the Parents Music Resource Center. The group worked to push the record labels in creating a rating system, which Prince did not oppose of. 

6. He Was on the Only Episode of SNL That Dropped the F-bomb Twice

While performing "Partyup" on SNL, Prince sang the lyrics, "Fightin' war is a such a f*ing bore." A big no-no on live television. However, the curse word went unnoticed until at the end of his set,  Charles Rocket added in, "I'd like to know who the f* did it." 

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