Mommy Monday: How To Get Over Heartbreak

Let's face it, at some point in our life we all experience heartbreak. Learning how to cope with these feelings in a way that is productive to your overall well being is essential moving on. This may not be the last significant other you have, the last relationship, or the last person to break your heart. Time is the most important healer, but it never hurts to give yourself a little head start with these tips to help keep your chin up during this trying time. 


Have a destination in mind that you have always wanted to explore? Now is the perfect time to take the leap and show yourself that you are capable of achieving things you never thought you could before. You will have complete freedom of your schedule and every decision you make is because it will make you happy. Your confidence in yourself and in your abilities will reach an all time high through your independent travels. Although a daunting task, it is truly a satisfying and rewarding experience. Most likely, you'll make some new friends along the way who are willing to join you on your future adventures.

Start a New Exercise Routine 

Whether it be yoga or an intense HIIT class, make sure to get your blood pumping. During a workout, your body releases endorphins that help the body respond to stress and discomfort. In doing so, the body generally feels a sense of well being in addition to working toward physical fitness. It is also a helpful reminder that not all change is negative. 

Spend More Time Outdoors 

Even if outdoors for you is just sitting on your porch, the fresh air will do the body good. Fresh air is known to help refresh and refocus the mind. Spending time in open, fresh air environments is suggested, however an increase in oxygen will help cleanse the body of negativity and provide more positive energy.  

Keep A Journal

Whether you write in it every day, week, or month, keep a journal to note how you are feeling. Make note of the good days and of the bad, both will help you navigate your emotions in the long run. Coming to terms with the way you feel on the bad days will help you find ways to draw yourself away from the negative feelings. 

Spend Time with People Who Make You Feel Good

One of the most surefire ways to maintain positivity is to surround yourself with people who can make you laugh. At times it can seem hard to want to go out with friends, but being in a group full of positive energy can redirect your focus towards healthy friendships with those around you. 

Seek Outside Help if Necessary 

Although it might not be the right method for everybody, expressing your feelings to an outside party might help lead the way to healthy forward progression. There is a tendency for therapy to have a negative connotation, but speaking with a professional might offer alternative outlets and solutions that were never before considered. You should never be embarrassed to seek professional help if you feel that it might be the healthiest for you. 

Whatever you do, do not lower your standards. Learn to love spending time on your own, enjoy the company of those in your life, and remember that you are never promised another day. 

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