Watch Michael Bublé Take Over Bubly in His New Super Bowl Ad!

Michael Bublé has taken over our Christmas' and now he's taking over bubly sparkling water! The four-time Grammy award-winning singer has just released a commercial ad for this year's Super Bowl for PepsiCo. In the short :30 in-game spot titled “Can I have a  bublé?,” Michael is seen hanging out on a floor of a store aisle scribbling out the drinks name and adding his own! 

Four new flavors, blackberrybubly, cranberrybubly, raspberrybubly and peachbubly, are featured in the ad and you know that we cannot wait to try them all! 

Apparently, the Canadian born singer is making his American football ad debut because Bublé thinks it’s a bublé world and there's just nothing that we can do about it! Hmph! 

“I might be Canadian, but I’m a big fan of American football,” said Bublé. “I had a blast doing my very first Super Bowl commercial with bublé – I mean bubly. Because of our similar names, the brand and I share a special bond. I love how the cans are bold, bright, and full of personality. They’re perfect for any Super Bowl viewing partés you might be having.” 

All eyes on  Bublé continue as comedian Aparna Nancherla and others attempt to convince him otherwise.

“Sparkling water fans across the country have fallen in love with bubly and now we’re thrilled to show-off its fun personality on the world’s biggest stage,” says Vice President Water portfolio for PepsiCo, Stacy Taffet. “With this spot, we knew we had one job to do – get people to crack a smile – and there was one person we knew could help us do it: Michael Bublé. With his help, not only do we get to set the record straight that it’s bubly, not bublé  but we also get to introduce bubly’s four new flavors – all featuring their own witty  tab greetings and can sayings that bubly fans have come to know and love.”

Watch the ad below! 



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