The Internet Can't decide What To Call These Popscicles

Some call them freezy pops, some call them Zooper Doopers others call them Otter Pops. Many don't even have a name for the variety colored popscicles. All we know is that they are the perfect Summer time treat!

Internet users recently had a debate trying to understand what the OFFICIAL name was. Even deeper than that, no one could figure out what the names of each individual popscicle was called. Many just call them by the color (Guilty myself)! Check out the hilarious twitter responses below!


"All good Australians know these are called Zooper Doopers"


"Zooper doopers is the brand but they're also called icy poles."


"Otter pope. ORANGE 4 LYFE"


This person didn't even realize they had names!


Freezies sounds pretty universal, right?


And yes, someone just called the flavor.... ICE!


Mom.... is that you talking?


Otter Pop stepped in to clarify some things and end the argument.



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