(WATCH) 2018 Rose Parade Spoof

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For New Year's Day, Amazon has tapped into the alum talent from SNL to host it's "live coverage" of the annual Rose Parade. Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon improvised as the fictional local news anchors Cord Hosenbeck and Tish Cattigan. 

The presence of Tim Meadows as a side line reporter tipped people off that the Amazon broadcast was a spoof.

Not all viewers understood what was going on, and took the joke very seriously. Here are a few comments from one and two star reviews on the live streaming:

“Terrible,” a user named Richard wrote. “Sophomoric. Inane banter. Switched to network coverage after 10 minutes. Amazon sure blew this one.”

“The inane conversation, the totally inappropriate comments about the floats and officials, and the extremely poor coverage of the actual parade were very disappointing,” another remarked. “I guess I was expecting something like HGTV’s coverage….watching this live stream we missed several of the more interesting floats because the commentators were babbling about nonsense… never again will I watch the parade on Amazon…very, very, very disappointed!”

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