This Restaurant Gives A Free AWESOME Gift With Every Meal

You know I love a good road trip, and now, I might have to take an extra long one in my Prius all the way to Boston, to check out the Traveler Restaurant on the Conneticut/Massachussets border! Traveler Restaurant opened in 1970 with a different concept than other restaurants. Not only do they offer delicious meals, but you also get a free book that you can take home with you!

The creator of this restaurant was a HUGE book lover, and when he looked around in his home just swamped with books, he decided to give most of them to his restaurant's customers.

The ownership changed in 1993, but the new owners continue this tradition today, giving away 1-2 thousand books per week, according to Bored Panda


But WHERE do the books come from? The new owner said "We get these books from the old stock of the library, but the highest number of customers is themselves who bring books and leave with us in restaurant. Now the situation is that we receive donations of books on a daily basis."

According to reviews on TripAdvisor, people get there early when they open at 7am, and stay til closing at 8p!  

I say let's go! My only concern, is who will read the books out loud to me while I drive on the way home?

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