Dodgers May Use Thumbprints Instead Of Tickets For Entry

The Dodgers and the rest of Major League Baseball is considering a HUGE revamp into ticketing and entrance into ballparks. The MLB is looking at using just a thumbprint for admission rather than a tangible ticket.

The MLB is in partnership with CLEAR, a techonology company specializing in identity confirmation; according to the CLEAR website, the MLB All Star Games in Washington DC is set to test this experience. 

"When experiencing a game, the biggest friction point is getting into the stadium. We truly believe we have an opportunity to use our technology to drive a safer and better experience for fans," according to Lauren Stangel, the CLEAR head of sports and events.

MLB alongside CLEAR plan to roll out biometric ticketing at select ball parks, with a pilot program planned for later this season. So, no ticket necessary, just your finger print...and eventually, facial recognition software could be utilized as well.

I know, it sounds crazy, but stuff like this is already happening at airports. CLEAR is a $15/month subscription service allowing travelers to skip security checkpoints. 9 MLB teams already utilize some aspects of CLEAR technology at their ballparks allowing fans to bypass security...although at the point a ticket is still required.

The future is here, folks. WOW.


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