5 Tips To Get Your Kids Back Into School Morning Routine

The inevitable is coming....back to school. 6:45a mornings, fighting over what to wear, and a sleepy kid skipping breakfast in hopes for another 10 minutes in bed. 

Back to school morning routines don't have to be horrible! Start early, and the first day back won't be the awful fight you anticipate it to be. Here are 5 Tips from the Momtastic Blog!

1. Gradually reel in bedtime. All summer, your kiddos have been staying up a little bit later for sleep overs, movies, and trips to the fair. So if you find that your babies have been up til 10pm or later, start putting them to be 10 minutes earlier each night so they get all the rest they need when it comes time for that 6:45a alarm.

2. Put an end to grazing. Summers are full of lazy days and snacking on watermelon whenever you want, late afternoon cereal, and popcorn or chips during cartoon binges. Start getting your kids in the habit of picking specific meals and sitting at the table to eat. Perhaps work on breakfast first, and then discuss what they want to have for lunch. This will get them back into a more rigid schedule when snacking isn't exactly possible throughout the day at school.

3. Go Back To School clothes shopping together. Who cares what you are wearing to the pool or while watching cartoons on the couch? We are probably guilty of this too on weekends...wearing the same pajamas a few days in a row, all day. But, school (and work) require a little bit neater, and cleaner smelling appearance. So take the kiddos shopping with you and get them excited about what they will be wearing! Perhaps even suggest they lay out their outfits for the first week so it's extra special and gets them in the habit of getting ready for school the night before!

4. Get back into a regular bath time schedule. I know, your kids are clean...but there are nights where you skip the bath or shower and just go for a quick brushing of the teeth. But all day swimming in the pool doesn't count as a bath. So, start the routine early and by school time when it counts, it will be less stressful for the entire house!

5. Organize School essentials the night before. This is where all of the above come into play. Leave the shoes and jacket by the door ready to go next to the back pack full of the completed homework. Have your kiddos help pack their lunch the night before so all you have to worry about in the morning, is making breakfast!

Anything we missed? What do you do to help get your kids back in the school routine?

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