How To Keep Your Pets Safe On Halloween

Just because you like to get all ghouled up and freak yourself out on Halloween, doesn't mean your pet will be super into it too. 

And since the National Retail Federation is projecting a $9billion splurge on Halloween-related purchases, with 18% of pet owners planning to include their pet in on the fun (2% more than last year), it's extra important to take care of our animals.

Vets have come up with a few ideas on how to keep the holiday fun for both you and your furry family member. 

Halloween Costumes Aren't Always Fun For Animals

I know, the Instagram worthy photos will keep you chuckling all year long, but don't sacrifice their comfort for our entertainment. Dr. Ari Zabell from Banfield Pet Hospital says "Watch for signs of stress or anxiety when dressing your pets in costume." If they seem uncomfortable, stressed or can't move, then just...skip it. Try a festive collar or bandana instead!


Keep The Candy Out Of Reach

I know its so easy to sit down and gorge on more than a few Mounds bars, but that same chocolate, is super dangerous for dogs. "Chocolate contains theobromine, a substance that can be poisonous to dogs and  cats, and dark, semi-sweet and bakers' chocolate can be lethal," said Dr. Zabell. Avoid the emergency trip to the vet and keep the candies far away!


Keep Animals Inside and Away From Front Door

So many pets go reported missing on Halloween night. Plus all the chaos of trick or treaters is scary for Fido. Plus, people are more likely to pull pranks that could hurt animals. Think, black cats. So, keep them safe, indoors, and away from the front door. Dr. Zabell says that this should keep them calm if you have guests coming or anticipate lots of trick or treaters.


Don't Go Overboard On Halloween Festivities

Costumes, candy,'s sooooo much fun to be a human on Halloween. However, your pet needs a routine that includes everything you usually do. The evening walk, followed by dinner and then the normal belly rub are all important milestones for your pets' day. And Dr. Zabell says be mindful of your costume because masks can be so confusing for them. Keep the anxiety to a minimum and wait to put the mask on until you leave for the party!

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