The Pickle Ornament History

Ever heard of a Pickle in your tree? There is a holiday custom of placing a "Christmas Pickle" in your tree which has perplexed many. The tradition has a lot to do with opening presents on Christmas morning!

Parents would decorate the Christmas Tree and hang the pickle as the very last ornament,  hiding it somewhere in the tree. When the children were allowed to see the tree, the kids would search for the pickle, because the first to find it, would receive an extra gift from Santa for being the most observant!

It's an old German tradition, called Weihnachtsgurke, but the custom has become really popular in the American Midwest.


"This tradition encouraged the children to appreciate all the ornaments on the tree, rather than hurrying to see what St. Nick has left for them" according to Twitter user @ThePhoenixFlare.


One Twitter user, @AuntTriffie says finding the Gherkin is a lot more challenging than we'd think:

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(WATCH) Rod Stewart And Michael Buble Sing-A-Long
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Mark Wallengren

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