The Color Of Your New Years Eve Underwear Matters!

New Years Eve has lots of traditions...the kiss at midnight or a clean house to start the coming year. Perhaps you've never heard of this one...the color underwear you wear at midnight can influence the luck you have in the New Year!

This is particularly popular in Latino communities according to The Underwear Expert.

So if you wear:

YELLOW-You can expect a year full of success, wealth and prosperity.

RED-Your year will be full of passion, romance and love.

WHITE-A year of happiness, peace and harmony.

BLUE-Indicates a year of good health, wellness and tranquility!

GREEN-A year full of life, nature and well-being.

PINK-Means you will be lucky in love.

So choose carefully! And Happy New Year!

Mark Wallengren

Mark Wallengren

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