10 Weird Things Dropped Instead Of A Ball On New Years Eve

There are OTHER things to drop from the sky to ring in the New Year! New York may have started with the ball drop, but what about a peach, acorn or pickle? Check out how other cities all over the country ring in the New Year!

A PEACH--Atlanta, Georgia

The Peach Drop is the largest New year's Eve celebration in the southeast. 


A PINECONE--Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff is set in a beautiful mountain town, painted with pine forests. They USED to drop a garbage can with pine cones glued onto it, so this is a HUGE step up. Hopefully no one got particularly sticky setting this up!


200 POUNDS OF BOLOGNA--Lebanon, Pennsylvania

The home of Lebanon Bologna, dropping 200 pounds of it is perfect...and silly. Welcome 2019 with a giant helping of cured meat....yep. Sign me up!


A PICKLE-Mt. Olive, North Carolina

This might be the most terrifying (or hilarious) odd thing to drop on New Year's Eve. A 3-foot pickle comes down a flagpole at 7p EST...which is also apparently midnight for Greenwich Mean Time)


AN ACORN--Raleigh, North Carolina

A 10 foot tall nut made of copper and steel celebrates "The City Of Oaks." 


A GIANT POTATO--Boise, Idaho

This is only the 6th year the famous-for-spuds town is dropping a potato. Now if only this meant free breakfast in the morning too...you know...to cure the hangover!


A BUNCH OF GRAPES--Temecula, California

Temecula's wine valley makes the grapes a perfect choice to ring in the New Year. A 5 foot by 8 foot bunch of grapes could make a lot of wine...if only the 84 spheres and balls were real.


MUSIC NOTE-Nashville, Tennessee

This one seems obvious...music city...drops a music note! Plus, country super star, Keith Urban is performing to ring in 2019!



The "Big Orange" is 35-feet in diameter and travels 400 feet to ring in a warm New Year! What is remarkable about this "drop?" It actually ASCENDS as opposed to dropping like the NYC ball! This year, Pitbull will be performing to ring in 2019!


GIANT WATERMELON--Vincennes, Indiana

A 500 pound watermelon takes center stage in this tiny midwest town. The ball opens up to 19 ACTUAL watermelons inside that break and splash, and make a major, delicious, mess.

Mark Wallengren

Mark Wallengren

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