Disney Cast Members' Awesomeness Caught In Action

So much goes into creating Disney Magic...from customer service and always having an eye on detail, every cast member has a part in creating The Happiest Place On Earth. Here are just a few of the most incredible things Cast Members have been caught doing that are completely awesome...and magical!

Like that time Donald Duck found his family.


Or when  Minnie Mouse discovered this little boy could only communicate using sign language.


Turns out Captain America is really good at ASL too!


Or Tiggers expression when he wasn't the favorite...lol!


One time a guest caught Minnie and Goofy in a secret


This sweet moment when Pluto met a guide dog


Or that one time a cast member at Walt Disney was working in Snow White's Scary Adventure and this conversation ensued:

Guest: "Excuse me, but what's that skull there for?"

Me: *looks at skull on top of the unload console* That skull was a gift from the Evil Queen. She felt like she needed to add her aesthetic into the area!

Guest: "... So which dwarf was it?"

Me: *shifty eyes and whispers* "... The Eighth one."

Guest: *completely into the story* "What was his name?"

Me: "Gullible. He believed anything people told him... And now look what happened."

These two kids got to meet their heros AND skip along with them at the park!


If these don't make you believe in Magic...then you need a trip to Disneyland...IMMEDIATELY!

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(WATCH) Toto's "Africa" Performed On Sweet Potatoes
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