All The New Emojis Coming To Your Smartphone

Coming later this year, we will be seeing quite a few new emojis! There is a slew of physical handicaps that will be represented including hearing aids, seeing eye dogs, a wheel chair and even a bionic arm! You'll also see a few new animals including a flamingo, an orangutan, skunk and even a sloth!


There is also a range of new couple emojis, including same sex, gender neutral and interracial couples!


But the one that has LOTS of people excited, is the period emoji. Plan International UK and the blood service for England, Unicode, did a joint campaign for the menstration emoji to help remove the stigma and the shame around the monthly cycle. It's definitely a click in the right direction!


I'm loving all the progress! The new emojis drop beginning of March! Hopefully a new Emoji Movie won't follow suit, too.

Mark Wallengren

Mark Wallengren

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