Guardians Of The Galaxy Raccoon Used For Basis Of 'Rocket,' Has Passed Away

The real-life racoon used by Marvel's CGI team to create Rocket in the two Guardians of The Galaxy movies and Avengers:Infinity War has passed away. Mr. Oreo helped animator capture motions and behaviours for Rocket. Mr. Oreo lived to be 10 years old and passed after a short illness.

In honor of a real life inspiration, here are a few fun facts about racoons, you may have never realized:

Racoons rinse their food in water before eating it. If there is no water nearby, racoons still rub its food to 'clean it!'

A group of racoons is called a nursery.

Although racoons live 2-3 years in the wild, they can actually live up to 20 years captivity!

Mark Wallengren

Mark Wallengren

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