This Is How Uber/Lyft Drivers Are Manipulating Surge Prices

An investigative report from ABC found out that there is an underground movement happening, all over the country. Rideshare drivers for Lyft and Uber have created a secret "Surge Club."

Now, the first rule of Surge Club, is you aren't supposed to talk about Surge Club. But here's how it works. Drivers all turn off their apps at the same time in an area, then turn them all on again at the same time. What happens is the drivers "disappear" in an area even though the demand is normal. So the surge goes up to attract drivers to that area. When they all turn the app back on, there is an artifical surge. They can spike fares as much as $10-20.

Uber told ABC in a statement that they "have been taken steps to address fraudulent behavior...engaging in this behavior may result in removal."

My suggestion? If prices seem higher than normal...wait five or ten minutes and try again.

Mark Wallengren

Mark Wallengren

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