Video of Mom’s Incredible Life Saving Reflexes

When I was a young father my dad once said to me, half-joking, “Your job as a dad is to make sure your kids don’t kill themselves.”

Sure there are the tumbles, bumps, cuts and bruises that can happen but other times very serious situations and can lead to life threatening close calls.

I’ll never forget my then 14 year-old son trying to open an aging double hung window upstairs in the kids bathroom and putting both hands through the glass barely missing arteries and requiring an ambulance ride and stay in the hospital.

This is a story that happened this past summer that for some reason is getting renewed attention but is a reminder to all parents to never let your guard down for a second with young children.

Watch this video as a mother and son are seen waiting outside a door at a construction company's office in Medellín, Colombia.

The toddler curiously heads towards the railing, putting his hands out on what he thinks is a glass panel between the railings and collapses to his knees and then falling head first through the gap.

His mother having only taken her eyes off him for a few seconds, jumps into action – leaping over and somehow grabbing his leg.

After the boy falls, workers can be seen running to the woman, while a delivery man runs downstairs, presumably anticipating the child has fallen down.

When the video was first posted some users praised the mom while others blamed her for not paying attention.

The most important things to know are the child was ok and offer us a reminder to always keep an open eye for the everyday dangers that lurk nearby for children.

Be safe with our little precious ones.

Mark Wallengren

Mark Wallengren

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