Couple After Wife, 80, Gave Husband Overdose In Assisted-Dying Suicide Pact

This story that has had the rapt attention of England began on February 19, 2018 when Dennis Eccleston, 81, dying of terminal bowl cancer, asked his wife Mavis, 80, to help end his suffering.

Mavis, not wanting to go on without her husband gave him a cocktail of prescription drugs and then drank one herself.

Both, found unresponsive by family members, were rushed to the hospital where Dennis, who had a do not resuscitate order, died but Mavis survived. She has now been charged with murder.

The video below is their daughter Joy Munn stalking about what the family is going through.

During the trial which concluded prosecutor Tony Badenoch QC said: "The fact that it was a ‘mercy killing’ is contrary to the law in this country and doesn’t afford a defense to her actions.

A jury disagreed and Mrs. Eccleston was cleared of any charges.

Do you think it’s time to change laws regarding assisted dying?

Mark Wallengren

Mark Wallengren

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