Barbara Corcoran Shares Personal Letter Fighting For Job At Shark Tank

I saw this on Barbara Corcoran's IG over the weekend and was fascinated! It's her original letter- written to the producers of Shark Tank- fighting for her job. Apparently, she was on her way to film the VERY first episode of Shark Tank (12 years ago!) and was suddenly told they "changed their mind." If that were me, I'd have FREAKED OUT. Cried. Wondered how to handle the situation with dignity.

Not Barbara! She handled it like the TRUE pro she is. She wrote a very poignant letter detailing why she is the PERFECT pick for the job. Her opening line was BRILLIANT: "Mark- I understand you've asked another girl to dance instead of me. Although I appreciate being reserved as a a fall-back, I'm much more accustomed to coming in first."

BALLSY! I love it!! THAT is true confidence, right there. She continued by mentioning very specific reasons she's perfect for the job. In the first paragraph, she talks about all the people who SWORE she'd never make it, and then said, "I consider your rejection a lucky charm." She also mentioned her naturally competitive nature, how she's JUST as good as any man on the show, and even closed with, "I trust you'll reach the right decision, Mark. I've booked my flight for the 6th and hope to be on that plane."

GET. IT!!!!!! That is beyond inspiring. Read her full letter, below. I am in awe of this!

Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)

Image courtesy of Getty Images

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