National Dog Day: Hero Dog Calls For Help To Save Owner!

This is such a sweet story and perfectly exemplifies how heroic and kind dogs are!

Last month, an 88-year-old Glendale resident- Gwendola Johnson- had tripped and fallen on her porch and was unable to get up and call for help. Coincidentally, at the time of the fall, Kirk White- an employee for Glendale Integrated Waste Management- was doing his usual route when he was approached by her dog, Sandy. She was barking frantically and not in her usual spot. So, he trusted his intuition and followed her to the front of the house and saw Johnson on the ground. He quickly helped her up and the whole thing was caught on security video!

He said, "Just helping another human out- that's what we're supposed to do. After this I was thinking I want a dog like Sandy. We can learn something from animals." Read the entire story here.

Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)

Image courtesy of Getty Images

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