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When Does KOST 103.5 Start Playing Christmas Music in 2022?

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KOST 103.5 is your Official Holiday Station! We are excited for the holiday season ahead! KOST 103.5 is making the switch to holiday music on Friday, 11/11 at 8am PT.

Meanwhile, make sure to find out all the ways to WIN your way in to our KOST 103.5 private holiday party at Disneyland California Adventure Park!

Use the hashtag: #KOSTChristmas and #KOSTHoliday

Listen to KOST 103.5 FM or the iHeart Radio app now!

We want you to feel good for the holidays!

We'd love to receive your holiday cards. Please mail to: 

KOST 103.5 Family

3400 West Olive Avenue, Suite 550

Burbank, CA 91505


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