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Woman Goes Viral For "Bare Minimum Mondays"- And Says It Changed Her Life!

I'll be honest with you- the headline GOT me on this one. I was intrigued.

Tik Tok creator and start-up founder Marisa Jo Mayes has gone viral for what she calls, "Bare minimum Mondays." In this recently published essay, Mayes mentions that in 2020, she was at the peak of her "burn out" working in medial sales.  So, she quit her job and explored self-employment. She realized "hustle culture" and perfectionism were what she struggled with most, so she adopted a new way of thinking and living: "bare minimum Mondays."

"I gave myself permission to do the absolute bare minimum for work, and it was like some magic spell came over me. I felt better. I wasn't overwhelmed, and I actually got more done that I expected, " She said.

She also mentions she doesn't take meetings on Mondays and takes it slow for the first two hours. No checking email, no technology- just getting stuff done around the house.

Is this something you could realistically do? Read more on her story HERE.

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