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Sandy Stec

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Sandy Talks To Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco!

What an absolute JOY it was talking to Sebastian Maniscalco!

As a comedian, you can only hope to talk to someone not only as funny and hardworking as him, but KIND. He's as humble as they come! We talked about his recent Netflix special, "Is It Me?", his love for Vegas, where he met his wife and what it's like having young kids at 50, his golf/pickleball obsession, his family Halloween costume and more! The entire interview is time-stamped below.....ENJOY!

And, special thank you to Sebastian, The Wynn Las Vegas and Blue Wire Studios for this incredible opportunity!

-Sandy Stec (@SandyStec on social media)

FULL YOUTUBE INTERVIEW, with time-stamps

0:00- 3:20- How do you get ready for a show?

3:20- 4:27- What do you love about the Wynn? Restaurants ,clubs?

4:27- 7:08- His love for golf and pickleball....

7:09-9:18- His Netflix special and why he loves Vegas!

9:18-10:59- What do you think when you see your shows are sold out? Is there pressure to "one up" yourself?

11:00-14:12- Where you met your wife....and an embarrassing t-shirt confession!

14:13-17:05- What's it like having 2 young kids?

17:05-19:10- What are your Dad and Mom are like, & what do your kids think of your job?

19:11-21:22- Do you ever get burnt out? How often do you need to perform?

21:23- 25:00- What are the holidays like your house? Are you a big NYE guy?

25:01-27:31- Do you ever get recognized? Talk about hanging out with your mom at the Apple Store....

27:32- 31:53- Looking back....did everything in your career happen the way you thought it would?

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