Smallest Oscar Party on the Planet

I always love an Oscar Party. It's fun to watch the show with other friends and relatives. Someone always ends up yelling at the TV screen. And, sometimes there is a homemade ballot just for fun. Can you predict tonight's winners? For 20 years, I found myself leaving the house for work BEFORE the winner was announced. Nowadays, I'm on my way home from work when they finally announce the biggest winners. So, no Oscar party for me tonight. But, thank goodness for digital recorders. At least, I made it to the red carpet more than a few times. I always love watching all of the Paparazzi taking my picture and then asking, "Anybody know who THAT was?" Enjoy the show tonight. I'll be watching the repeats.

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images (Princess Grace Kelly)

Ted Ziegenbusch

Ted Ziegenbusch

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