Foods We Missed When We Were Kids

When you're young, you're often selective about what you eat. When you get a bit older, you might say, "Where was THAT food before?" Blame your parents for hiding the good stuff. I never ate an artichoke until I was 27 years-old. Now, I love them! Maybe, you have a few foods on a similar list. Did you discover a favorite food at an older age, after leaving home? How about mango? We never ate mango when I was a kid. Same goes for papaya. However, on my first trip to Hawaii, I enjoyed both. Nowadays, Mango chicken is a staple on many menus. Speaking of favorite foods, isn't it about time for ripe, juicy strawberries that come fresh from the local fields? Can't wait!

Ted Ziegenbusch

Ted Ziegenbusch

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