Selfies Can Ruin Your Love Life

In recent years, a number of scientific studies have shown that selfies aren’t just a harmless act of snapping a photo of oneself and sharing it on social media — they can actually be damaging to your own mental health and negatively impact other viewers.

Now, a brand new study shows that the negative impact of a selfie can even make its way into your romantic relationships.

According to research published in Telematics & Infomatics, relationships are negatively affected by selfies for two specific reasons:

Because of the jealously provoked from excessive individual photo sharing or comments made about those pictures.

 Also what has been called “the emerging of an online ideal persona in the picture-taker’s mind that diverges from real life.” (How’s that for a mouth full of explanation?)

These factors ultimately lead an individual’s perception of his or her relationship to be less than it actually is. In other words: false validation that selfies invoke can make people feel as though they are “wanted” and have more options than just their present romantic situations. Ouch! That’s a nasty one.

This, obviously, can make them less satisfied with their romantic partners. In addition, the selfie-taker’s significant other is probably going to question the motivation for posting so many of these (often sexy) photos, perhaps wondering if he or she is fishing for a brand new lover.

According to one other source:

The level of jealousy between romantic partners increased with the amount of selfies that were posted on social-media sites. Case closed.

Lastly, the more time spent online posting unrealistic images of oneself on social media and playing around in a “fantasy world,” the less time an individual is invested in their real-life relationships.

Other studies conducted in recent years by Ohio State University stated that selfies are damaging to your mental health and self-esteem.

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