A Man Won The Lottery Based On His Fortune Cookie Numbers

Not sure about you, but I've never been one to take my fortune cookie numbers seriously. It looks like I should have because this man, Charles W. Jackson, used them to win the lottery!

This 66-year-old retired man from North Carolina recently won $233 million from playing the Powerball with the numbers from his granddaughter's fortune cookie!

According to WRAL, Jackson had no idea how much the lotto was worth because he doesn't watch much news. Even after the winning numbers were announced, he thought he won $50,000 because did not see the last digit. He didn't realize how much he'd actually won until looking back at the numbers and seeing every digit matched.

His wife then told him to Google how much the lottery was worth. Jackson then told her "You ain't going to believe this—I got it all."

He was so humble about his winnings that the told reporters at the North Carolina Education Lottery headquarters "I don't know what to do with it. I hope it don't change me a lot…I'm still going to wear my jeans—maybe newer ones.” How adorable!

Jackson then went on to say he plans on donating some of the money to charity, use another portion to take his wife to Vietnam, and to give his brother $1 million since they promised each other to do so if one of them ever won the lottery.

Check out a video below!

Ted Ziegenbusch

Ted Ziegenbusch

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