10 Reasons That You Should Go To Your School Reunion

This time of year, many people debate whether they should go to their high school or college reunion. Although FAR from being scientific, here are 10 good reasons that you should go:

1) People will talk about you if you aren't there. Sadly, some will create totally fake stories that will not be flattering.

2) If you're not there, how can you complain about the loud music and the bad food? That's almost a given at any reunion.

3) If you attend, a former classmate is certain to share that they had a crush on you many years ago. You could be delighted.

4) You'll finally have a reason to show those cute photos of the family. Don't forget your cell phone.

5) It's always a mystery who will be sitting next to you. It could be your favorite teacher or someone that you admired from afar on campus.

6) You can tell your reunion partner that "Everyone looks so much older than us! Don't you agree?"

7) You can stand up during dinner and begin singing the alma mater. It's likely that the entire room will join in.

8) You can joke about how you or your friends were sent to detention for something stupid. It's likely the story will be much better with time.

9) You can reminisce about your favorite cafeteria meal in school. We all had one, admit it.

10) It's so much better than the summer reruns on TV. Although, some of the summer replacements aren't bad.

Ted Ziegenbusch

Ted Ziegenbusch

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