The Reasons Why Travel Insurance Is A Must-Have This Summer

If you haven't heard the horror stories, you haven't talked to enough travelers. Any experienced frequent traveler will tell you, "Buy some travel insurance!" There are plenty of reasonable plans that can be found on sites like squaremouth. Peace of mind is important. If you need any kind of emergency help in a foreign country, you will be delighted that you made that little purchase before the journey. I've heard personal stories from friends who would have been billed tens of thousands of dollars for hospital or doctor care, if not for the insurance. It also made a difference in my own recent travels to Mexico, Ireland, England, France, Scotland, Latvia and beyond. Just be sure to read the policy regarding coverage. Often, it goes well beyond what you might expect. Better safe than sorry is an ideal phrase to keep in mind when leaving the United States for any amount of time. Safe travels this summer. Don't forget to share those photos when you return!

Ted Ziegenbusch

Ted Ziegenbusch

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