What Millennials Are Eating Might Surprise You!

The latest research says Millennials are changing the way that we eat away from home. Some of the longtime favorite restaurant chains are having a hard time staying afloat nowadays. Baby Boomers were the first generation to make eating out a huge percentage of their entire monthly food bill. But, as the boomers age, nobody is replacing them in line at the bigger name nationwide restaurant chains. In fact, Millennials say that they much prefer fast food and a quick meal they can order at a counter and take on the road. And, we're not talking about lunch. They prefer fast food round-the-clock. That's good news for the coffee chains that offer breakfast sandwiches, because Millennials are also big fans of coffee in any form. So, if your favorite restaurant from your childhood suddenly disappears, don't be too surprised. The times ... they are changing once again!

Photo Credit: copyright Ted Ziegenbusch 2019

Ted Ziegenbusch

Ted Ziegenbusch

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