Checklist for Disaster Supplies

Whether you're in a high-rise of a single family home, you should be prepared for the next big earthquake. We always hear about having the proper supplies to see us through any days or weeks without groceries or other necessaries. So, what should be on that list. Here are a few good examples of what to keep on hand:

1) Water

2) Food and snacks

3) Prescriptions

4) First Aid Kit

5) Supplies for babies or children

6) Food for any pets

7) Blankets

8) Sleeping Bags

9) Eye Glasses (vision and protection)

10) Extra clothing

11) Personal Hygiene items

12) Towels

13) Buckets

14) Trash bags

15) Backpack

16) Gloves

17) Flashlights

18) Batteries

19) Matches

20) Candles

21) Rope and Duct Tape

22) Can opener and scissors

23) Fire Extinguisher

24) Radio

25) Cell phone and chargers

26) Whistles to signal for help

27) Walkie-Talkies

28) Extra Keys

29) Cash & Coins (could be your only source of payments)

30) Games and Books for you and any children

Ted Ziegenbusch

Ted Ziegenbusch

Ted Ziegenbusch

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