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Women Veterans Alliance

About Us:

The Women Veterans Alliance was founded back in 2015, by Melissa A. Washington, a Navy Veteran who saw a need to bring women veterans together to eeqip, empower and encourage eachother.


To create a community to Equip Empower & Encourage each other with knowledge, resources, mentorship and career opportunities for women that have served our country and discover their greatest potential.


To create a community both on and off line including women veteran networking groups, community events and national conferences world-wide which provide opportunities to grow.

  • Career opportunities, advancement – relationship with major corporations and women owned businesses
  • Connect with potential private and state employers to gain employment.
  • Mentorship
    • Recruitment Advocacy and Assistance: Young women wishing to join military (take through process)
    • Professional & Career Mentoring: Tools and Assistance to get clear on your gifts, skills and purpose.
    • Partner with professional women & Community Colleges to discover and enter desired careers.

Melissa A. Washington is the President and Founder of Women Veterans Alliance. She is very passionate about connecting women veterans across the nation.

For more information on her background, click here.

Join Kari Steele, Sunday September 16th as she speaks with Melissa.

For a list of events happening this month, click here.

They will discuss why she started the Women Veterans Alliance. This month Women Veterans Alliance is having a Unconference and there will be more details to follow.

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