Career Confusion 2019 With Tracey Wilen


Dr. Tracey (Tray-See) Wilen (Why-Lin) is a researcher and speaker on the impact of technology on society, work, and careers. A former visiting scholar at Stanford University, she has held leadership positions at Apple, HP, and Cisco Systems. She was an adjunct professor for Bay area colleges teaching classes in business, technology and women’s workforce topics. 

Dr. Wilen was named San Francisco Woman of the Year (WOW) and honored by the San Francisco Business Times as the most Influential Woman in Bay Area Business. She is a finalist for 2018 Women Advocate of the Year for Women in Technology (WIT).

She has authored 13 books and her newest one is titled Career Confusion: 21st Century Career Management in a Disrupted World.

Dr. Wilen talks to Kari Steele about career confusion and how to help.

They discuss how you can figure out your career path, if you are stuck and don't know what to do,how to stop the noise if you can't figure out what you want to do or what you need to do.

She also helps you realize how you should approach jobs when you are older, she'll go into all the little details such as an age appropriate look, self-employment and more!

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