Pauly's Project

Pauly's Project:

is an organization which donates thousands of radios to the homeless community of LA.

It was inspired by the founder, Paul Avila by his autistic and blind son and his joy for music.

Paul purchased radio headsets with his on money and distributed them to the homeless on skid row.

The headsets would give them the feeling of being connected with the world around them.

He began to get more and more resources to purchase more headsets along with hygiene packages.


As a young boy Paul would accompany his mother to downtown LA and bring food and clothes to his uncle on skid row.

The feeling of kindness and accomplishment never left him throughout his whole life.

Paul now holds a yearly event around the holidays to provide meals, headsets, hygiene products and musical entertainment to the homeless.

Paul hopes to have this project grow bigger in the future with the help of hearts of businesses and the public.

Join Kari Steele as she speaks to Paul more about Pauly's Project. They will discuss the communities they've helped, a day with Pauly and his love for music and more.

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