B.A.R.E. Truth


B.A.R.E. Truth is an organization that provides mentor-ship, independent living assistance and wellness services to impoverished individuals and families, helping them attain healthy, purpose-drive lives. Changing the economic and living conditions of communities.

Joseph Bradford III founded B.A.R.E. Truth back in 2016.

His passion was to help the community at an early age.

When he was seven, his father passed away and became homeless and lived in shelters with his mother and siblings.

He understood that at an early age, good people fall on hard times due to unforeseen circumstances.

B.A.R.E. Truth wants to take a stand and help others in impoverished communities throughout the world by providing assistance for the homeless and mentor-ship programs.

Join Kari Steele this Sunday as she talks to Joseph more about B.A.R.E. Truth, the type of services they offer and more.

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