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There are 16 throughout Los Angeles County — and every one represents a safe haven.

For some kids, the local YAL is a place to get some much-needed help with homework. For others, it’s a place to shoot some hoops or learn a new sport without fear of physical violence or becoming tangled up in many of the other negative distractions the streets have to offer.

For others, it’s literally a place to call home.

Take, for example, the 15-year-old girl who says that, after her mother walked out on her family, the Compton YAL has become the one place where she feels like she has a mom.

Or, consider the 16-year-old boy whose uncle and cousin were both killed by gang violence — within days of each other. For him, the mentors at the Youth Academy in Temple City provided crucial emotional support in his time of need — and helped him navigate the pain.

These are just some of the ways in which the 16 YALs countywide are making a difference in the lives of youths every day.

The Sheriff’s Youth Foundation creates a second home for youth and families in disadvantaged communities to feel safe, to blossom, and to be inspired.

Under the leadership of Sheriff Deputies at 16 Youth Academies throughout the county, they provide food and shelter; they teach and give guidance in school studies, life skills, sports, computer skills and the arts; they create activities; and we counsel and mentor.

But more than anything, they give love and respect.

Their reward is knowing we are significantly impacting choices young people are making; building character and the confidence to turn away from the temptation and threat of gangs right outside their doors.

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