Helpers Of Man Kind


Their mission is to help Children and Young Adults with AD/HD Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) by using an alternative method of treatment. Neurofeedback training helps by improving their attention, focus, concentration, grades, behaviors, thought process, and the enhanced sense of well-being for each child affected. " It's like physical therapy for the brain" We also want to help families understanding and incorporate Nutrition because it plays a big part in helping children diagnosed with AD/HD, incorporating Yoga/ Meditation in their daily activities has been effective in showing improvement in a children's ability to learn self control.   

They strive to help Children and Young Adults better understand how their bodies and their minds can communicate effectively.


They provide the opportunity to improve each child's present which will lead them to a brighter future.

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Tune in this Sunday as Kari Steele speaks more to Linnette Falcon about Helpers of Mankind.

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