Create Cures Foundation (CCF)


Join Kari Steele Sunday morning as she speaks with Li Kendrick, a registered dietitian nutritionist at the Create Cures Foundation.

Create Cures Foundation CCF:

We treat patients with a more holistic approach and look at the whole person including lifestyle and nutrition, We look at not just your body, but your mind and your approach to life. WE use all therapies both conventional and alternative. It's a foundation started by Professor Valter Longo. Where we use evidenced-based information available to the public to empower those who want to complement traditional medical treatments with reliable, scientifically based and clinically tested strategies to improve the efficacy of the therapy but also reduce the number of side effects.

Special Message:

"To all the first responders, front liners and any victim of COVID-19, we are donating complimentary telemedicine & nutritional coaching to help you recover faster & boost your immune system to be well. You can contact us through our fb & IG page or go to our website"

We are located in Santa Monica, CA