Pandemic Action Network and CEO of Panorama Global


  • Gabrielle Fitzgerald - Co-Founder of the Pandemic Action Network and CEO of Panorama Global
    • Gabrielle discussed the need for pandemic preparedness. She talked about how the goal of the Pandemic Action Network is to drive collective action to help bring an end to COVID-19. In the future,PAN wants to ensure the world is prepared for the next pandemic through the promotion of policies that save the most lives and protect livelihoods worldwide. 
  • Dominik Whitehead - National Civic Engagement Director, NAACP
    • Dominik is leading the Early Volunteer and Voter Mobilization programs at the NAACP and discussed the importance of the African-American vote in 2020 in local, state and National elections.
  • Heidi Arthur - Chief Campaign Development Officer,​ Ad Council
    • Heidi Arthur brings together leading creative agencies, corporate partners, technology platforms, and nonprofit and government clients to drive public education, awareness, and action. She discussed the role of the Ad Council and their most important campaigns currently running including COVID-19, racial justice, mental health, and thanking essential workers.  ​
  • Hosted by: iHeartMedia's Ryan Gorman (from​ WFLA-​AM / Tampa, FL)​

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