YOU CAN’T DO IT ALONE: A Widow’s Journey With Maria Quiban

Join Kari Steele as she speaks with her friend Maria Quiban. Kari and Maria have been friends since they both began their careers in Hawaii and now Maria is joining Kari to share the story that inspired her newly released book, "You Can't Do It Alone."


A Widow’s Journey Through Loss, Grief, and Life After

By Maria Quiban Whitesell with Lauren Schneider, LCSW

When faced with her husband Sean Whitesell’s terminal diagnosis, FOX LA’s morning meteorologist Maria Quiban Whitesell found herself lost. While having to put a smile on her face every day in front of millions on LA’s popular morning show, Good Day LA, no one had a clue the kind of personal toll she was taking on at home. How does one face something like this? Especially in public. From having to explain the trauma to their young son, to responding to inappropriate questions, and dealing with the day-to-day through her husband’s harrowing treatments, death and life after, Maria was caught unprepared.

After dealing with her own grief, Maria now offers the book she wishes she had when Sean was diagnosed, for anyone to deal with any loss. In her book, YOU CAN’T DO IT ALONE: A Widow’s Journey Through Loss, Grief, and Life After, Maria teams up with licensed clinical social worker Lauren Schneider to provide readers with a roadmap for dealing with illness, death, and grief. YOU CAN’T DO IT ALONE offers a welcoming and supportive guide to healing, helping to:

· Discuss a serious diagnosis in an honest, clear manner

· Regain control over your life when it feels like chaos

· Find your own support group

· Deal with memories, family and friends

· Balance work, caregiving, and parenting

Maria Quiban Whitesell greets millions of Los Angeles viewers daily each morning as FOX11's meteorologist. Prior to joining the Good Day LA/FOX 11 Morning News team, she was the chief weather anchor for the Orange County News Channel, and before that, meteorologist for NBC Hawaii News 8 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Emmy Award-winning news anchor and broadcast meteorologist is also familiar to many around the world from her appearances in film and television including Clint Eastwood's Bloodwork, Bruce Almighty, Stepbrothers, Criminal Minds, Cold Case, and many others. The Whitesell family, including Maria, her late husband Sean, and his brother Patrick, are among the big entertainment families in Hollywood, and Sean was a writer and producer for television shows including HBO’s Oz, Fox’s House, and AMC’s The Killing.

Lauren Schneider, LCSW is a nationally recognized authority on grief and provides trainings for clinicians, educators, clergy and health care providers.

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