Fill Your Big Heart With This Extra Large Cane Corso Named Princess George

Meet Princess George, one of the three Cane Corso dogs abandoned in the depths of the Angeles National Forest. She was rescued in April and up until now she has been in a rehabilitation training to become a dog she was meant to be. Within weeks, this beautiful girl named Princess George, went from being frozen and pancaked from fear, to going on leashed walks with the pack and opting to join the others inside the house, thanks to her newly found appreciation of having a roof over her head. She is still so timid, scares easily and will continue to need so much supportive care and patience. But, we do feel at this time we can begin the search for her Forever home. A few mandatory essentials for our applicants include:

* Prior large breed / Cane Corso experience.

* Another dog in the home who is well balanced with medium and respectful energy.

* No children under the age of fifteen

* A calm household.

* A backyard that has fences and gates at least 6’ high.

* Someone who is committed to ongoing training for an unforeseen amount of time. Our trainer will continue to be available as a resource.

And last but certainly not least:

* A kind, compassionate, intuitive heart who will have this girl’s back and will promise to love and protect her every day for the rest of her days.

Princess George is a pure, gentle creature who loves other dogs as well as her crate. She will lean her whole body against your leg and make you feel like you are the luckiest human alive. She’s around one-year-old and eighty pounds. She is a work in progress as are we all. Fully committed humans please apply.

Please submit adoption application through our website

Princess George