If You So Much Look At Agnes, She Already Loves You!

Agnes loves every single person she meets and immediately wants to be their best friend! If you so much as look at Agnes, she already loves you. Aggie is a flirt supreme, her bum will start wiggling as soon as you're anywhere within her view, and her snorts and prolonged eye contact are sure to make you fall in love. Agnes enjoys being with her humans, eating, getting scratches, watching squirrels, and rubbing her face on everything!

Her energy level is low to low/medium. Oh she's definitely down for a walk around the block, but when it's home time, she's going to pass out on the cool tile floor. She's more of a watch and support from the sidelines kinda gal. Aggie loves over dogs! She is a bit of a bulldozer so she can intimidate shy dogs as she barrels up to them, but she is just so delighted by everything, she's sure to get along with them. As far as cats, she's only seen them through a window. Agnes is curious, but knowing how loving she is, she'd probably be fine with a cat sibling!

She's very strong and stubborn, but can be easily coaxed to quit snuffling a smell and come along. Agnes is affectionate and a touch needy (cries if you leave her in the kitchen for example) but she's very mellow and just wants to be nearby, but doesn't bark when you leave. Aggie knows “sit” and how to give her paw, but we're working on potty training and other basic commends.

Please submit the adoption application for sweet Agnes through the "I Stand With My Pet" website at: www.istandwithmypack.org/adopt