Adopt A Beautiful Dalmation-Pitt Mix Named Brave! 😍🐾

Meet Brave!

Brave is an 8 month old Dalmatian/Pittie mix (?) and he’s wiggly, playful, super friendly and sweet. Despite his healing broken leg, he’s got a ton of energy!

He had surgery and is expected to make a full recovery. This won’t stop him from being adopted though! He’s ready to make a family or person feel very loved. He’s very curious and loves his mental stimulation toys.

Brave is currently being fostered by a trainer so he is learning how to have some much needed structure. We would love for an adopter to continue his training, as Brave has a lot of puppy energy and just wants to please. We have no doubt he will be an incredible companion and hiking/beach buddy.

To adopt this handsome boy, please apply on our website:

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