Morning Drive with Christie Live

Morning Drive with Christie Live

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Christie Was Not Ready For The Lunar New Year Parade Celebration

The Great Debate-Getting Married For Love or Pressure?

Listener Russ called in and said people get married out of pressure and that sparked today's 'Great Debate.' Do people get married for love or due to pressure?? LISTEN as our 80s nation calls in with their opinions!

Crazy Train-American Airlines Pilot Spots A UFO While Flying

An American Airlines pilot reported seeing something flying around his plane and it sounds like it might be a UFO!

Bridge Tolls Are Going Up Again & Where's The Money

The Golden Gate Bridge toll is going up again very soon so Christie and Karena come up with ways to make it across without paying! A friend of the show James calls in with a bridge update!

You Gotta Be Kidding Me-Pork Latte's Anyone?

What in the latte is this? Starbucks has released a new pork latte in celebration of the Lunar New Year!

Crazy Train-Man Has 150 Live Bugs Removed From Nose

A man in Florida couldn't figure out why his face was swelling up and why he was having constant nose bleeds until he went to the doctor and found out that 150 live bugs were living inside!!

Who Is The Most Overrated Comedian?

In your opinion, who is the most overrated comedian? Christie hears from the 80s nation about their picks for overrated comedians!

The Great Debate-Should Overweight Flyers Get A Free Seat Next To Them?

Christie was booted off a Southwest flight recently because a "heavier" passenger told her she needed the empty seat next to her because she was of a certain weight. Should passengers get a free seat next to them if they are overweight?

Crazy Train-May Pays Someone To Chop Off His Feet For Farmers Insurance

A man in Missouri went to great lengths to collect some insurance money and staged the craziest farm accident!

The Time Martha Quinn Fell On The MTV VMA Stage & Embarrassing Moments

We've all had embarrassing falls. Did you see Madonna fall during a recent concert but she got right back up?? That doesn't compare to the time that our very own Martha Quinn fell at the first ever MTV VMAs in front of the entire audience & musicians!