The Ellen K Morning Show  is heard weekday mornings from 5 – 10 am on KOST 103.5 and The Ellen K Weekend Show is heard Saturday mornings from 6 - 10 am.

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The show is a fun, fascinating and family-friendly mix of  local  and  lifestyle  trends,  current  events,  Hollywood  news and  shareable  factoids; set between the best mix of  music  from the 80s, 90s and today.

Ellen K holds the impressive distinction of being the first (and only) female to anchor a morning drive program in the history of Los Angeles radio. A longtime friendly fixture of LA’s morning commute, Ellen brings a genuine and thoughtful approach to every topic and every listener –  every morning .

Fans of the Ellen K Morning Show enjoy interacting with each of the show’s following features and benchmarks:

TOP STORIES, TOP OF THE HOUR Every hour of the Ellen K Morning Show starts with a minute-long look at the morning’s most important headlines. From world news and weather to local and late-breaking, Ellen offers several key stories that Angelenos “need to know” as they begin their day.

INSIDE HOLLYWOOD At :15 after, Ellen K presents a fresh report of the latest news and nuggets from, well, inside Hollywood. Find out what you may have missed on TV or the streets of LA!  You also never know who the Ellen K Morning Show members may run into…we live, work, and eat Inside Hollywood so we're always crossing paths with the STARS!!!

ELLEN K Q&A Each morning at 7:25 – you're invited to play the Ellen K Q&A.  We ask you a question & the first caller with the right answer wins that hour’s prize. Your wrong guesses are often more fun than the answer itself!

FEEL GOODS "Feel Good on the 50"s - Ellen K spotlights an uplifting story every morning, every hour at :55 after the hour. KOST listeners, eager to share their good news with Los Angeles – from a new job to “I just beat cancer.” Ellen K’s Feel Goods are designed to encourage and inspire. Every Friday the world's only "Good News Guru" joins the Ellen K Morning Show to share the Feel Good story of the week!  Leave a message on our Feel Good Hotline anytime - 866-4-ELLENK with your feel good news!!!

HAPPINESS HACK Every morning at 5:40, Ellen K begins the day with a “Happiness hack.” A simple tip or trick intended to increase personal happiness. For instance – did you know that faking a yawn releases mood-lifting happiness hormones? Happiness: hacked.

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