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Jimmy Kimmel Spends Giving Tuesday With Ellen K For CHLA ❤️🏥

Describe Your Holiday Weekend In 3 Words 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank You For Being The Best Part of KOST! ❤️


Peter Billingsley Tells Ellen K Where They Rebuilt Christmas Home For Movie 🏡

I triple dog dare you to listen to the Ellen K After Show! 😂

Ryan Manno Can't Do THIS... Can You? 🧵

Give it a listen, it's sew easy!!! 😉

Meet Spielberg's Dinosaur Advisor Dino Don! 🦖

Visit www.DinoDonInc.com to check out tickets to see the giant dinosaurs in Woodland Hills Nov. 18-26th.

What Can't You Live Without? 👪🥰

Listener Nicole Needs Some Advice 📢🆘🦃

Who Is That 1-Person You're Dreading To See This Holiday? 🎄🤔🦃

Whoa! So many calls today! 🎄🤔🦃 Good luck this holiday season.

Which Holiday Character Were You In The School Play? 🎭

Ellen K has a really cute childhood memory she shares during her thespian days. Share your holiday memories with us by leaving us a message using the 'TALKBACK' button on the iHeart Radio app.