Hugh Grant is Getting Married!!!

The man, who once said:  "Women are frightening. If you get to 41 as a man, you're quite battle-scarred", is walkin' down the aisle!!! Hugh Grant is a seasoned bachelor with a track record to assert hist statements about being battle scared by the age of 41. In fact he's caught some large scars from the bachelor life in the year of 95

It seems as though Hugh is a changed man in spite of saying that "marriage scares him" in this interview right around 5:25. Check out this Juicy relic below.


With all this talk of the bachelor life doing him well, he seems to be turning a new leaf. At the age of 57, he’s preparing to marry the mother of his three children, Anna Eberstein.

It wasn’t announced by a publicist or on social media. Instead, their wedding registration was posted at the Kensington and Chelsea register office. This so happens to be near the couple’s West London home, when they were noticed. You aren't keeping any secrets from us Hugh!

What do you think of his thoughts on Marriage? Let us know! 

Ellen K

Ellen K

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