Chelsy Davy's Appearance At The Royal Wedding Examined By Experts

Chelsy Davy's body language at the Royal Wedding was EXACTLY what you would expect from an ex.

Even though Harry and Meghan are the perfect, happy couple now.. there is no denying that they have both had their fair share of relationships.

Two of Harry's ex- girlfriends even attended the wedding and Chelsy Davy's body language says it all.

She arrived wearing a short, navy blue dress under a matching cape with a foral headpiece over her blonde hair.

Davy arrived with two other people, smiling and it wasn't until everyone was seated that we caught her expression. 

From the look of it it was safe to say she looked unimpressed, doubtful, resentful or maybe just spacing out.

Once the internet took note of this, she got called out immediately.

Ellen K

Ellen K

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